The Story-based Resume

Clean. Engaging. Memorable.

The Story-based Resume

Clean. Engaging. Memorable.

Every Story-based Resume is one-of-a-kind. The Story-based Resume engages and compels the reader and delivers results with a structure that lays out your overarching professional story and story-based bullet points that recount big-picture achievements and more granular, behavioral stories. Behaviorally-based bullet points give the reader insight into your interpersonal skills, your ability to lead/persuade others, how you think and tackle issues (your cognitive abilities), your capacity for creative/lateral thinking, and finally whether you’ll add value to their school (in the context of an MBA/EMBA application) or their team (in the case of a job application). The Story-based Resume Writing Service is a complete retelling of your professional story. It includes a new design (a rethinking of your resume’s structure + a new resume template) and fresh, story-based bullet points. Story-based Resumes range from one to two pages in length. In the context of the MBA or EMBA admissions process, your resume is a roadmap and the backbone of your application. It helps the admissions committee member a. contextualize the material discussed in your essays, b. better understand your recommendations, c. gauge your professional potential. is not a low-quality resume factory such as TopResume TopStackResume or CareerPlusResumes …. and the list goes on.  The Story-based Resume is a carefully crafted document and takes a minimum of a week to produce. The Story-based Resume is not a fit for you if you need a resume “tomorrow”.

Story-based resumes give my clients an edge in securing admission to top business schools and landing offers at sought-after employers.


By giving the resume reader insight into how my client thinks, problem solves, persuades, prioritizes, innovates, communicates and most importantly how they add value to an organization. Compare that to the average job description-based resume.

The Story-based Resume Writing Service delivers a one-page (sometimes 1.25-page) document. The resume’s structure outlines your overarching professional story while its bullet points tell more granular, behavioral stories. Learn more by visiting the Services & Pricing page.

While the story-based resume began as part of my work with MBA clients, I’ve since expanded it’s reach to career-orientated clients through my website


You’ll land more interviews. Hiring managers want to know how a candidate thinks and acts. Normally they have to invest time in interviewing a candidate to get answers to their questions. With a story-based resume, hiring managers glean answers to their fundamental questions up front. That makes the decision to interview you an easy one.

You’ll perform better in interview. Discussing your professional stories (as part of the resume writing process) will help you better articulate them when the pressure is on. Many clients find that seeing their stories filtered through the lens of an outside observer allows them to view their career from the outside→in for the first time.

Your resume will go on impressing stakeholders after you’ve left the interview. Not everyone who weighs in on hiring decisions will have a chance to meet you in person (and not everyone who interviews you will remember the conversation in detail days or weeks later). The story-based resume looks good, reads well and stands out because it’s built using relatable stories rather than mindless buzzwords or job description excerpts.