I Overview NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview

Each year the NYU Stern admissions committee invites a limited number of applicants to interview for its MBA program and its LGO program. Top MBA programs like NYU Stern generally interview 2-3 applicants for every available place in their upcoming MBA & LGO class. While an invite is sign that you’re in the running for an admit, you’re also now part of a highly competitive subset of the overall applicant pool. You can prepare for your interview with the help of this guide and, optionally, the Mock Interview Service. Tip: Wondering if interview invites have already gone out? Check out MBA LiveWire for real-time updates.

Question Who conducts NYU Stern MBA & LGO interviews?

NYU Stern MBA & LGO interviews are conducted by a trained admissions committee member.

Question Are NYU Stern MBA & LGO interviews resume-based or application-based?

The NYU Stern MBA program conducts application-based interviews, meaning that your admissions committee interviewer(s) will have access to and will review your entire application before meeting with you. However, unlike some other schools such as HBS, don’t expect questions highly tailored to your application at NYU Stern. Instead, the questions are often typical and predictable, with a focus on topics like your goals.

For in-person interviews, it’s recommended to bring a paper copy of your resume as a courtesy to the interviewer. If the interview is conducted online, it’s advisable to have a PDF copy of your resume readily available in case it’s requested via email.

Question How important is the NYU Stern MBA & LGO interview?

The influence of the London Business School MBA interview on the admissions decision is high.

When a school, such as NYU Stern, relies exclusively on a small group of trained admissions committee members to conduct interviews, the interview tends to play a more significant role in the admissions process compared to schools that utilize student and alumni interviewers.

II Mock MBA Interviews

A mock interview session with mbaSTORY.builders is designed to assist you in developing and refining responses to specific MBA interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself,” “What are your goals,” “Why pursue an MBA,” and “Why this particular school?” Additionally, the session covers more general inquiries like discussing strengths and weaknesses, as well as behavioral questions like “Tell me about a time when…”

During the session, you’ll work on developing a core set of stories, typically ranging from 4 to 8, which can be adapted to address various interview questions. Below, you can listen to recordings of former clients answering MBA interview questions and receiving feedback on their responses, providing valuable insight into effective interview techniques and strategies.

An audit professional answers the question Tell me about yourself in part 1 and receives feedback in part 2. An employee compensation consultant answers the behavioral question Tell me about a time when you mentored someone in part 1 and receives feedback in part 2.

Part 1. Candidate answers the mock interview question Tell me about yourself. The candidate responds by giving a chronological overview of his work experience (which is a common approach people take to this interview question).
Part 2. Feeback on candidate's response to the mock interview question Tell me about yourself. The candidate learns to structure his answer to this question in terms of professional growth (rather than chronologically).
Part 1. Candidate answers the behavioral mock interview question Tell me about a time when you mentored someone. The candidate gives a lengthy response (listen to part 2 for feedback).
Part 2. Feedback on candidate's response to the mock behavioral interview question Tell me about a time when you mentored someone. The candidate learns to provide necessary background information and a broader sense of the candidate's philosophy of mentoring.

IV NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

It’s important to note that many schools have started incorporating questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their interviews. Therefore, it’s essential to be prepared to discuss these topics and how they have influenced your work experiences. Below are some mock interview sequences tailored for the NYU Stern MBA program. Reviewing these sequences will provide you with an understanding of the types of questions NYU Stern interviewers typically ask.

Example 1 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

  1. Any updates since you submitted your application?
  2. I saw that you’ve been on assignment in Rio de Janeiro for two years now. What do you suggest I add to my itinerary if I visit Rio?
  3. Tell me about your green packaging initiative. How did you convince management to finance it?
  4. Why an MBA, and why now?
  5. Outside of courses, what else are you interested in at NYU Stern?
  6. Do you feel that you’ve had leadership opportunities at work (even though you don’t have any direct reports)?
  7. With so many extracurricular activities on your plate, how are you able to balance your commitments?
  8. What would have been a great question to have asked you?
  9. Do you have questions for me?

Example 2 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

1. I see that you were asked to work two jobs during your time at [X company]. How did that come about?
2. Why do you want an MBA now?
3. What have you learned during this process that surprised you about Stern?
4. Why do you want to go into [X field]?
5. Does your current position require any specific quantitative skills?
6. Are there any specific classes at Stern that excite you?

Example 3 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

  1. Can you share your experiences of living in different countries and the impact they’ve had on your personal and professional development?
  2. Could you walk me through the key highlights of your resume, focusing on the roles and accomplishments that are most significant to you?
  3. Reflecting on your professional journey, could you discuss a piece of feedback you received? How did you respond to it, and what impact did it have on your growth and development?
  4. What motivates your interest in pursuing your short-term career goals?
  5. What attracts you to the opportunity to recruit for [X company]?
  6. Are there other companies or industries that also pique your interest for potential career opportunities?
  7. Why do you believe pursuing an MBA is the appropriate next step for your career progression?
  8. Could you elaborate on your long-term career aspirations and what draws you to those particular goals?
  9. In what ways do you envision contributing to the Stern community during your time in the MBA program?
  10. What specific aspects of the Stern School of Business appeal to you and align with your professional objectives?
  11. Is there any particular topic or aspect of your background that you were hoping we would discuss?

Example 4 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

  1. Could you provide a brief overview of your background and professional journey?
  2. What are your immediate career aspirations following the completion of your MBA?
  3. Looking ahead, what do you envision as your long-term career trajectory over the next decade?
  4. Can you describe your current role and responsibilities in your job?
  5. As you’ve transitioned into a leadership position, what insights have you gained, and where do you see opportunities for growth and development?
  6. Reflecting on your professional experiences, could you share an instance where you received constructive feedback from your manager? How did you respond to it?
  7. How do you anticipate contributing to the Stern community during your time in the MBA program?
  8. What strategies do you plan to employ for recruiting in line with your post-MBA career objectives? Are there specific companies or industries you’re targeting?
  9. What’s your plan b?

Example 5 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

  1. Can you provide more details about your previous work experience? Could you highlight one project that stands out to you as particularly meaningful or impactful?
  2. Reflecting on that project, what insights did you gain about yourself, whether positive or negative?
  3. I’m interested in learning more about the background of your current start-up endeavor. What inspired you to pursue this venture?
  4. Looking ahead, what are your long-term aspirations for the company, and what strategies do you have in place for revenue generation?
  5. If your start-up encounters challenges or fails, do you have contingency plans in place? Could you elaborate on your approach in such scenarios?
  6. What motivated your decision to pursue an MBA at this point in your career?
  7. What specific aspects of Stern’s MBA program attract you and align with your professional goals?
  8. Reflecting on your college experience and your expectations for Stern, can you identify one similarity and one area of difference that you hope to gain from your time at Stern?
  9. Could you discuss your quantitative experience in previous professional roles?
  10. In what ways do you believe you can contribute to and enrich the Stern community?

Example 6 NYU Stern MBA & LGO Interview Questions

  1. Can you describe a typical day in your current position and the tasks or responsibilities you typically handle?
  2. What factors are important to you when assessing and comparing different MBA programs?
  3. When researching potential employers, what specific attributes or values are you looking for in companies you’re considering?
  4. What advantages or resources do you anticipate gaining from engaging with the Career Center at Stern?
  5. Can you provide insight into your leadership style and how you approach managing teams or projects?
  6. Have you encountered a situation where a project didn’t proceed as planned? If so, could you describe the scenario and how you managed it?
  7. How do you believe your colleagues perceive your contributions to the team? What strengths do you bring, and are there any areas where you may face challenges according to your teammates?